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Behind the scenes at Salon du Chocolat

Salon du Chocolat was held at Olympia and I was shooting the behind the scenes photos and for the fashion show itself. It was a celebration of all things chocolate, with stalls of small artisanal producers from England and France producing some divine products. If you didn’t get there, you missed a treat but it will be repeated next year so make sure it’s in your diary – if you are a chocoholic like me it’s an essential visit!

stefanija - one of the talented make up artists

mannequin of chocolate delights

tools of the trade for the mua

talented mua's and hairdressers create

delicious artisanal chocolates on offer from some amazing chocolatiers

Salon du Chocolat
Client: Seventa Image

It’s been awhile

Hello…..yes it’s been awhile since I last wrote. I made a new year’s resolution not to work so many crazy hours and get a life. So since January I have been working crazy hours and still not got a life. I guess I am lucky to be kept busy in these recessionary times although it’s good to know that the bankers are still receiving their bonuses, while the rest of us get steadily poorer. A lot of the last six or seven months has been taken up expanding the skillbase with precision and macro product photography – including jewellery at UniQ Studios. There has also been the expansion of my video editing and here are a few recent videos for Sultanesque. UniQ Studios is a sister company to UniQ Clothing and supplies all the fashion photography for the product lines, as well as now managing the portfolios for several other companies. If you are interested in high class product photography and video then we would love to help. Call us on 0207 987 8444.

Male and female models sought

It may seem a bit quiet on this blog but life is hectic. Current projects revolve around fashion – underwear, evening and beach dresses, jewellery, motorbike gear, catwalk etc. If you are a model, male or female, based in London and could look good in underwear, or you have hairless ear lobes to model ear rings or great hands for other jewellery then message me here or apply on the UniQ Studios website as I am interested to hear from you.

male models sought for undewear shoots

male models sought for undewear shoots

Photos taken October 2012 for The Wig Party Fundraiser.