Monthly Archives: March 2011

Taking photos into the printmaking process

A few years ago I was able to spend sometime working in printmaking. I developed some portraits using the etching process on zinc plate. This 35 mm photo originates from my father who took the picture at a wedding my parents were attending some years ago and I thought it was a great portrait of my mother (who later bravely fought the onset of multiple sclerosis), showing  her in conversation while wearing one of her trademark hats. I put this up today as sadly it marks the first year of her death . RIP Mum.

zinc plate etching print -portrait of mum

A sign that winter is passing

Crawling round on all fours on a village green on a busy (and sunny) Saturday morning in February is the kind of activity that will get you noticed. However Willaston is a very English village, and very charming with it and in that truly English way everyone who saw me shabbing round in the dew getting wet and muddy clocked it and said absolutely nothing. I wish I had more time to appreciate the living world around me.
ants eye view of a crocus in Willaston village Cheshire