One night as a paparazzo

OMG! Last week I ended up at the premiere for the new film “Deviation” starring Danny Dyer. I wasn’t attending the premiere but taking photos of those who were. It had been suggested to me that I might like to be there and I thought it may be interesting, but it is a strange feeling photographing people going into a party you’re not invited to.

I stood with the other photographers who obviously knew this job rather better than I did. And they also knew the faces that were walking through the doors to the Odeon. Therein lay the problem- I am not a big celebrity watcher and as it turned out I knew very few of those at the premiere. Very few indeed.

Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan did the rounds and chatted to us a couple of times, and they spent time with the public who had arrived to see them in the cold of a February night.

However it was the paparazzi that caught my eye (last photo). This motley crew of diehards in various states of dress looked like villains from a Guy Ritchie movie. And it was ironic that these real characters were taking pictures of people paid to be characters in another world.

danny dyer anna walton deviation premiere

deviation premiere london

tamer hassan and fan

deviation premiere london tamer hassan danny dyer

paparazzi on the job