New video from Mark Northfield

Last year my work was pretty much all photography but this year my workload has taken a foray into the world of video and editing and is consuming a lot of my time now. Here is the new video from the talented Mark Northfield which I shot with stylist and make up artists Ian Massa Harris and Jae Pii Goldie. Like all videos that are apparently simple to effect (lip synch at normal time by recording with the music running at 50% time to give the hands some ‘speed’ and effect a transformation in the time allowed by the track, it turned out to be anything but simple when it came to matching the music when sped up to normal time largely due to the differing audio/video/web compression rates! What you learn along the way!!!

Mark Northfield – The Up Shit Creek Blues (music video) from Mark Northfield on Vimeo.