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One exhibition that is a must-see

A break from my normal posting here with good reason. A friend of mine was visiting London and suggested we visit the 50 years of London architecture exhibition at the University of Westminster. I went, and to be perfectly frank I thought I’d be there no more than a couple of hours at most. How wrong I was. In fact three of us met and we were there all day. This amazing exhibition should be visited with friends, preferably those who have strong opinions on contemporary architecture.

This expansive exhibition, set within the cavernous basement at the University starts out with the brutalism of the sixties and works up to the present day. The photographs are large and in many cases beautifully shot. Yes, there are buildings included that I don’t believe warrant inclusion- but we all had differing opinions on these. This is no sniffy gallery with attendants staring at you impassively or asking you to be quiet; this exhibition demands debate and for the first time in ages I left a gallery space having felt I had just witnessed something very worthwhile. If you have a chance go and see it, – it’s on for another week.

50 years of London architecture exhibition at Westminster University

50 years of London Architecture, University of Westminster, Marylebone Road- opposite Baker Street tube station.

Winter sun on Wobbly Bridge

Wobbly Bridge, or to use its official name ‘Millenium Bridge’ was opened about the same time as Hungerford Bridge – two new footpaths across the Thames, the latter replacing an older and rather beaten up structure. However Millenium bridge was an all new route from St Paul’s to the Tate Modern, and had a few problems when it first opened – hence its nickname. It may not be as obviously spectacular as Hungerford Bridge, but in the winter afternoon sun its geometric detail came alive and I had to record it…

millenium bridge in the february sunshine

Cloisters at Iona

Time out in Scotland, and I visited Iona to see the abbey- the base of the Iona community. My father was staying there for a week and I was able to spend some time with him there. Although a monastery was founded in 563 AD by Columba much of this abbey was restored to its present state in the 20th century.

cloisters at iona