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Music Video for Mark Northfield

We started the planning for this video last autumn. Initially we sought out a studio to film in with a blank background to concentrate on the use of the bull, bear, and wolf masks. However with a tight budget and commercial realities we decided to approach this with a more guerrilla film-making approach. We sourced the locations around London and then six of us turned up to film using a range of very different cameras. Two were mobile phones, one was a consumer video camera, one professional broadcast camera, and two dslrs. We felt that the variety would add to the hands-on approach and six camera persons with diverse filming styles and abilities would produce a challenging result. It was also more exciting to take these diverse cameras in these quick ‘perform and go’ setups. The actual filming was spread over two evenings, one with the dancers and multiple cameras, and one with just Mark and myself.

After the initial edits, Mark would join in to make sure that the activity on screen responded to the audio. It was then that I was to deal with the colour grading – which when dealing with these different cameras – some with auto white balances, that the job became quite involved. It’s a job that requires an edit and then re-edit and then re-edit….all so that the viewer gets that feeling of ‘one-ness’ from the end result.

Anyway here it is – Saturday Night from the forthcoming album ‘European Dream’ by Mark Northfield