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There is growing unease over the fracking exploration in this country which seems to be riding roughshod over local concerns, and being aggressively misreported in the press. The government is in a hard place- it has to reduce its reliance on carbon fuels and to some extent overseas suppliers.

However watching the very real concerns unfold at Blackpool and the often facile responses from the authorities, as well as the discovery that a lot of local councillors (who have admitted it) have received payments from Cuadrilla should provoke a considerable sense of unease. Is this really a solution? If it’s such a realistic proposition then is it just nimbyism gone mad by those who object?

This film was shot last week and shows a group of mothers and grannies, and their supporters taking possession of an access field that will be used by Cuadrilla. The security people were quite miffed at being caught sleeping on the job and weren’t at all keen to talk. I don’t suppose it was their proudest day.

This week Reclaim the Power will join in support of this action. Will the usual violent infiltrators ruin it and try to blame Reclaim the Power and the grannies, and use the press to aggressively misreport it? Watch the tabloids later this week and see if big money wins again…

I edited this piece with the Director over the weekend.