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It’s been awhile

Hello…..yes it’s been awhile since I last wrote. I made a new year’s resolution not to work so many crazy hours and get a life. So since January I have been working crazy hours and still not got a life. I guess I am lucky to be kept busy in these recessionary times although it’s good to know that the bankers are still receiving their bonuses, while the rest of us get steadily poorer. A lot of the last six or seven months has been taken up expanding the skillbase with precision and macro product photography – including jewellery at UniQ Studios. There has also been the expansion of my video editing and here are a few recent videos for Sultanesque. UniQ Studios is a sister company to UniQ Clothing and supplies all the fashion photography for the product lines, as well as now managing the portfolios for several other companies. If you are interested in high class product photography and video then we would love to help. Call us on 0207 987 8444.