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Music video for Cherry Mint Koala

I have been working on a series of videos of session recordings for Cherry Mint Koala, a trio of talented musicians who recorded music composed by Mark Northfield. ‘Let the Body Go’ is a work produced at an intense time for the composer and the emotive aspect makes itself quite clear.

Video still by photographer and cameraman Simon Bennett for Cherry Mint Koala music video

This series of recordings will be released as an album entitled ‘Beguiling Transmissions’ later in the spring.

This first track in the sequence – ‘Let The Body Go’ – was written by Mark last summer a few days after the death of his mother, Beryl Brown. Although it sprang from this very personal grief, the song was written in the hope that anyone coming to terms with such a loss might find a measure of solace through it. It is both a serene elegy and an uplifting celebration of life and love.

Mark’s vocal version of the song is the title track of a digital EP being released next month under his own name, and there will be a separate video featuring this.