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And so to conversations in Bordeaux

There are some people who reckon the only place to live is London and invariably trot out that overused Samuel Johnson quote to back up their argument. Given the economics of living in today’s London I’m not convinced about that one, and it’s only when I visit other places that I realise that the quality of life is also very significantly better elsewhere. The other day I was prowling round Bordeaux late in the evening, like you do, after work with my camera getting some night views of the city. From a safety perspective this could be questionable but I could feel the friendly vibe of this city and felt pretty safe there. This led to this all night traipse around the banks of the river between the bridges with my camera and tripod. During the evening I talked to a number of young guys at different times, all interested in the photo-taking. In this instance, I was just concentrating on a street shot using the ambient light when I was approached by this friendly chap who stopped to chat. Then in a second he posed and I clicked. It just happened – and this is him. Bordeaux is a pretty city well worth a few days of your time – with friendly locals, and very drinkable wine. So what are you waiting for?

photo of Bordeaux guy Victor - friendly face to a lovely city