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Puffins for Macmillan Cancer

Eighteen months ago I visited North West Scotland on holiday and stayed on Mull with some friends. At about the same time I became aware of the 2010 project for Macmillan Cancer which was accepting photographic entries for a new book to raise money for Macmillan. The finished book includes some of my outdoor natural world photos which I undertake pretty rarely due to commitments with the camera elsewhere. It would make a great present for someone and can be ordered from BobBooks here.

puffin image in the new 2010 project for MacMillan Cancer

More about the 2010 Project here.

Out with the old, in with the new

Walking off the excess of Turkey and Christmas pudding on the Wirral Way near Hooton these last few days has been essential. The snow made it all the more charming  although that has now melted. The relics of last years season  stand there as black carcasses at the side of the footpath, their skeletal spectacle swaying elegantly. Now it’s new year I can’t wait for spring, the new verdant growth and the hope that goes with it.

Happy new year….
dead cow parsley

Butterflies feed on the thistles

I took these pictures a week ago in North Yorkshire. It was a blazing hot day and the heather was just coming out and I thought I might see a grouse or two. The grouse were extremely elusive (which, as this was the week after the 12th is probably unsurprising) but the butterflies were out in profusion enjoying the thistle nectar harvest. It was too good to miss….

butterfly feeds on a thistle

butterfly feeds on a thistle